Anton Ego is the main antagonist turned anti-hero of the 2007 Pixar animated film Ratatouille. He is Linguine's former archenemy and a rival for Gustau.



Ego is an sadistic food critic, whose reviews can make or break a restaurant. Due to financial trouble, Anton Ego has reviewed Gustau, and has taken down a star, thus causing Gustau to collapse, and then die.

The restaurant then lost another star with his death. In his career-killing review, he compared Chef Gusteau to the rather pathetic Chef Boyardee.

When he had heard that Gusteau's restaurant was rising in popularity with Remy as the cook, he was afraid a simular situation would happen, as he has sent a minion to spy and see if it is right.

He also secretly invited the health inspector to close the restaurant, and by the time Skinner phoned the health inspector, it was revealed that the inspector already got the info from Ego.

When the minion told him the restaurant is really popular, he stated that review was converted to the tourist trade.

He goes to review the restaurant once again, hoping to close it down.

After a rude conversation with Lenguini, Lenguini goes to ask him what he wants for dinner.

Anton states he wants his heart rosted on a spit, making Lenguini almost collapse and fail. However, preventing failiure, Remy and Lenguini had the idea to make Ratatoullie.

Anton Ego then reveals the waiter Mustafa he plans to close the restaurant by calling the health inspector, thus ordering sarcasticly for perspective. He then said that since they are out of perspective, he will let Mustafa provide the food, and make sure he fails. Mustafa reminds him of his meal selection, afraid of what is happening, and Ego tells the waiter to "hit him with Remy's best shot" and scares him away, hoping for failiure.

He then takes a bite out of the dish of ratatouille, and he is amazed that it tastes just how his mother makes it, then he at first believed that Linguine made the dish, then Collette Tatou, but they revealed to him (after making sure the other customers have left) that it was done by Remy the Rat.  He then did a review on Gusteau's restaurant hungry for more; but despite the place being closed down for business for a rat infestation and costing Ego his job, he did enjoy his favorite meal at the new restaurant : Le Ratatouille.

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