Indominus Rex (0)

The Indominus, also known as I-Rex #1, is the secondary antagonist of the 2015 film Jurassic World. She is a dinosaur created as a weapon for Commander Vic Hoskins, designed by chief scientist Henry Wu.


2015 Isla Nublar

As she was isolated in her cage for several years, she has planned an escape, as she contains high intelligence. She goes killing soldiers and other dinosaurs, and even tries on the way to hunt Zach and Gray, who escaped from her vicious hands. She later released the pteranodons from their cage. Later, the raptors went to hunt her down, but she hypnotized them, and because of this, many more soldiers have died. Near the end, the raptors battle her for freedom, and she is lored by the raptors and by Rexy to the lake by a battle which led her there, and she gets killed and eaten by Mosy.


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